This is a private site which opens its portals to anybody with an open mind. The pages in this site contain extracts from the original not yet published works of the Author. The works have however being registered for copyright and as such the use of extracts in any form is prohibited.

Some of the pages in this site are interactive and people of like minds are invited to make their contribution. The major thread that binds these pages together is the Mind, in all its ramifications and the human nature with all its complexities, and how the two of them are connected in making us what we are.

This is not just a work on philosophy, and belief, it is a literary expression of the heights a mind that is free of all the shackles of the mounting weight that bear down on us on an increasing basis can achieve.

This site is not meant to teach but to share and to create a forum for all those who have something to share to partake in this process of exchange. You are invited to take and welcomed to give.

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The Master

Light Banter

True Knowledge

Son of a Slave

The Path

Peace Talk

Dream Bird

What if

Being a Child

Day Talk

The Oracle

Those who are to come

You and I

Song of Yome



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